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QC: Shopee · Spigen · Anker · Aukey · NordVPN offers a comprehensive, registration-free and entirely cost-free URL shortening service, with customizable alias and detailed tracking  of last 50 clicks. Just enter a valid long link (starting with https), Add alias for custom link (optional, 6-50 characters: a-zA-Z0-9_-, no brand names)
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Active shortened links will be stored in our database indefinitely, with regular backups conducted to ensure data security. To optimize system efficiency, we will automatically purge inactive links - those unclicked for a period of 30 days - from our system

Links that remain inactive (not clicked within the previous 30 days) or those that violate our policies - such as links associated with spam, gambling, adult content, fraudulent activities, black credit, etc. will be removed from the database, so when you click on these links you will be directed to homepage with error message 'URL not exist'

What truly sets our service apart from others in the market is our unwavering commitment to quality over quantity. While many competitors focus on maximizing the number of links generated, we prioritize the reliability and accuracy of each shortened URL. By rigorously validating most links before conversion, we ensure a higher level of user satisfaction and trust in our service. This meticulous approach not only minimizes the risk of broken or malicious links but also guarantees a seamless experience for users who rely on our platform for efficient web navigation

Our service is completely free, no account registration required, with modern technology; is the right place to shorten links Google, Youtube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, Spotify, Microsoft, Office, Canva, Figma, Discord, Tiki, Instagram, Tiktok,...

Our service is offered at no cost and is designed to cater to a broad user base, while considering our resource constraints. To ensure the service remains available and efficient for everyone, we may limit access in cases of excessive requests are made from a single user. This practice helps to uphold fair usage and optimal service performance for all users. We greatly value the confidence and backing of our users, and we stand unwaveringly committed to delivering a beneficial service that remains open to all at no charge

We are dedicated to providing a service that's free of charge. If you'd like to support our mission, you can make purchases through our ads, make a donation, help in fundraising or spreading the word. Your support helps us continue to serve you better. Thank you!

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